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Revitalizing Calm for iOS 12

Calm, the renowned meditation and relaxation app, reached out to us when they encountered geolocation issues upon the release of iOS 12. As a crucial aspect of their user experience, Calm needed a quick and effective solution to ensure their app would continue to provide seamless support for their vast user base.

Our team at Cloud Ten Labs quickly assessed the situation, working diligently to address the geolocation issues that arose due to iOS 12’s updates. Through our expert knowledge and dedicated efforts, we successfully resolved the problem, allowing Calm to maintain its exceptional user experience and continue promoting mental wellness for its users worldwide.

  • Seamless Collaboration: We partnered with Calm to identify and resolve their specific challenges, delivering a tailored solution.

  • Proven Success: Our expertise contributed to Calm’s continued growth, showcasing our ability to handle complex projects effectively.

  • Comprehensive Support: From addressing geolocation issues to ensuring iOS compatibility, we provided end-to-end support for Calm’s app update.


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