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Trailblazing AI-Enhanced Digital Solutions

At Cloud Ten Labs, we are a devoted team of seasoned professionals, passionate about developing inventive and groundbreaking digital solutions infused with AI technology. Our mission is to empower businesses by crafting bespoke mobile and web applications tailored to their distinct needs. Driven by our pursuit of excellence and a comprehensive understanding of the industry, we take pride in delivering outstanding results that fuel success and growth for our clients. Experience the Cloud Ten Labs difference and elevate your digital presence with us.

  • Personalized Solutions: AI-driven app development aligned with your unique business needs and objectives.

  • Expert Team: A dedicated team of skilled professionals with a proven track record in the AI-integrated app development industry.

  • Client Success: Our commitment to delivering exceptional results that propel growth and success for our clients.

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Global Synergy for Unparalleled Success

Our company flourishes on the diverse talents of our team members, distributed across three strategically positioned offices. Our operations department, managed from California, guarantees seamless communication and efficient project management. Our senior-level development office in Shenyang, China, houses a team of highly skilled developers creating cutting-edge AI-powered app solutions. Meanwhile, our QA and graphics department, located in Dhaka, Bangladesh, focuses on delivering visually striking designs and ensuring top-tier quality. This global collaboration enables us to develop innovative and effective app development solutions for our clients.




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Frequently asked questions

Get answers to common queries about our app development process and services.

How much do you charge?2023-03-29T06:34:51-08:00

We use fixed-price quotes on all projects, but our hourly rate used to create the quotes is $75. Contact us today to get your free quote!

How long does the app development process take?2023-03-28T08:24:03-08:00

The development timeline varies depending on the complexity and scope of the project. Typically, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. We’ll provide you with a more accurate estimate after discussing your specific requirements.

What types of apps do you develop?2023-03-28T08:25:09-08:00

We specialize in creating a wide range of apps for both individuals and businesses, including native and React Native apps for iOS, Android, and web platforms. Our expertise covers various industries, from e-commerce and social networking to finance and health care.

Can you help with app store submission?2023-03-28T08:26:40-08:00

Absolutely! We guide you through the app store submission process for both iOS and Android platforms, ensuring your app complies with all guidelines and has the best chance of being approved swiftly.


Achieving Success with an AI-Driven Strategic Approach

Our team employs inventive strategies and industry best practices, enhanced by AI, to bring your app vision to life.

  • Comprehensive Planning: We analyze your goals and target audience, utilizing AI insights to craft a well-thought-out roadmap for your app’s success.

  • Flawless Execution: Our skilled developers integrate the latest AI technologies and techniques to create engaging, user-friendly app experiences.

  • Continuous Optimization: We provide ongoing AI-powered support and improvements, ensuring your app stays relevant and competitive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Real-life results

Delivering exceptional outcomes for our clients

“Cloud Ten Labs exceeded our expectations – our app’s user base has doubled in just a few months!”


Alicia R., Startup Founder

“The team transformed our outdated app into a modern, user-friendly experience, boosting our sales significantly.”


Marie H., Retail Manager

“Cloud Ten Labs’ expertise helped us streamline our internal processes, saving time and resources. Highly recommended!”


Evan H., Operations

“They provided invaluable guidance and support throughout the entire app development process. A true pleasure to work with.”


Richard J., Entrepreneur